Commissioned work

  • Price depends on the  number of people in the picture. 
  • Please allow me 5 business days to complete a commissioned work.
  • Photos of the progress of the drawing will be sent to you via e-mail. You can see photos of the progress from my old drawings in my blog page.
  • Free shipping worldwide. ALWAYS. 
  • I’m not a plastic surgeon. I’ll not make your nose look smaller or your hair longer. The more the drawing looks like the original, the better.


  • Payment:

– 50% in advance before I start drawing.

– 50% after the drawing is finished and pictures of the final result are sent. After this second payment is done, the drawing will be shipped. Free shipping worldwide.

– Both payments will be done via PayPal e-mail invoice or Payoneer e-mail invoice.

– I’m not responsible for International Fees your country charges upon foreign goods.

Before your purchase is done, e-mail with the following:

  • Vertical or horizontal drawing? For portraits of only one person, a vertical drawing looks best. For a couple, a horizontal drawing is preferred.
  • Desired pictured attached. Background scenario (beach, forest) will not be added to the final drawing. You can send more than one picture and I can help you decide which one will look best as a drawing;
  • Shipping address;
  • Do you want a speed drawing video on Youtube?

If you want a speed drawing video from your order:

   I don’t charge any additional cost if you want a video from the progress of your drawing but please be aware that I monetize my videos on Youtube. It means that Youtube pays me, as long as the content is original, done by me or done by someone else who ALLOWED me to use their work. Every music I use is Royalty Free, which means I can use it as long as I give credit to the artist. So if you want a video showing the progress of your drawing, be aware that:

  • The video will be made public. Anyone can watch it and you can send it to friends.
  • The video will not be taken down upon your request.
  • All the earnings from the video go to my Youtube channel. You can’t claim copyright use and earnings as Youtube recognizes it is a work done by me. There are thousands of speed drawing videos showing celebrities and they can’t claim copyright infringement.

Pricing (U.S. dollars)

A3 (297 x 420 millimeters or 11.7 x 16.5 inches) white paper:

  • 1 person: U$150.00.
  • 2 people: U$275.00. Each additional person adds U$125.00 to the final price.